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xmas cup cake box
Box takes only 6nos cup cakes
Price: £1.20
6" cake box with 6"cake drum board
Cake box and drum
Price: £3.00
XMAS cake cards 10"
Cake boards in plain and printed design. Please indicate type of card of interest by email or phone.
Price: £1.99
Non Edible xmas cake decoration
Different design in each pack. Enlarge image to choose pack. Add note to order to indicate what pack.
Price: £199.00
xmas cup cake cups
Pack of 100 in a box
Price: £2.49
xmas favour mini boxes
Come in a pack of 12
Price: £3.99
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xmas food or favour bag with tie
This could also be used for gifts. It comes in 24nos in a pack
Price: £2.99
xmas tiara card hats
6 in a pack
Price: £1.99
value face masks
6 in a pack
Price: £1.99
new year plastic table cover
Fits rectangular table
Price: £2.49
very large santa gift bag
Very large can package all gifts for sharing. Plastic
Price: £1.99
xmas tree cake cutter
Price: £1.60
cake box extentions. Come in different sizes at different  costs. They costs the same price as cake boxes.
PME Edible Lustre spray. Come in all colours.  £7•99  eachsugar flair colour paste. comes in all colours. £2.69
Cake Boards
Price: £2.50
Cake Box 14 Inch
14 Inch
Price: £2.99
Cake Box 16 Inch
16 Inch
Price: £3.99
Cake Box 18 Inch
18 Inch
Price: £4.99
Cake Box 20 Inch
20 Inch
Price: £4.99
Edible Airbrush Primary Colours
Culpitt Edibles 60ml
Price: £2.99
Petal Tip Size 594
Price: £1.99
Petal Tube
Price: £1.99
Numeral Cake Tins
.hire only
Price: £3.99
Set Of 6 Aluminium Cake Tins
Sizes are 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 Inches Hire only
Price: £2.99
50 anniversary favour bag 1
gold and ivory bag. discount is giving on large orders
Price: £0.45
25th Anniversary favour bag 2
While and silver bag.
Price: £0.45
Baby bag favour bag 3
Price: £0.35
Baby Pillowfavour bag 4
Price: £0.35
Baby favour box with lid
baby cake box with lid
Price: £0.35
triangle cake box
blue triangle cake box for children
Price: £0.35
Winne the Pooh - cake box
Cake box. Discount giving on large quantity.
Price: £0.35
Card Cake Stand with cups
avaiilable in blue
Price: £8.99
Gold Cake box with lid
cake box do not come with ribbon
Price: £0.40
Ivory Triangle cake box
Available in various colours
Price: £0.35
Gold cake box
Cake box
Price: £0.35
Cone shape favour bag
Gold favour bag
Price: £40.00
Winni the Pooh gift bag small
gift bag for children
Price: £0.35
Cake box with lid
This is available in blue
Price: £0.40
gift bag - small
Gift bag for gifit of childrenm parties. Large order attract discount
Price: £0.35
Children's cake box
Also availabile in blue colour
Price: £0.40
Blue bag - medium
Gift bag
Price: £0.69
Red rose gift bag large
Bag available in green, and read
Price: £0.89
Glitter spot on while bamborniere
almond in lace depending on
Price: £2.00
Burgundy organza bamboniere
large order attract some discounts.
Price: £2.00 -£148.00
Card 3 tier cake stand
Cake stand only. Can take up 45 makes.Cake box not included.
Price: £8.99
Organza Pouches medium
Almond and roses not included. Available in various colours
Price: £0.30
Christening Candle
Decoration for christening
Price: £4.50
hat cake as a surprise gift on her birthday