PARTYONESTOP Decoration - Your One Stop Party Supply and Planning Shop
About Us
We are a team of experts using simple coloured objects like balloons, papers, perfumes, shapes, etc to decorate anywhere (indoors or outdoors) to present the most beautiful venue for your occasion. We are not only certified, but we have a history and experience that have been demonstrated in all previous engagements. Moreover we are very different from other decorators out there. Please read more to be convinced.
How Are We Different
  • Others charge per item, we charge per venue
  • Others ask you to order items, we order the items and get the job done
  • We remove your concern on questions like how many items would I order
  • We are cheap and inexpensive
  • Our services are very convenient
  • We are technically certified and efficient
  • We use the best materials for you
  • We look not at our gains but better promotions through excellent service
  • Hire / Rental is avaliable
  • We can design to budget
      Why not give us a call. You will be so glad you did.
Note we are closed on 26/8/19 bank holiday.
Please note that we will close  for a break from 24, 25, 26/12/2019  till 27/ 12 /19 to enable some repairs/maintenance carried out in the premises.  
For bookings please send your email to us on and/or thanking you.